Red Ball

Platform games have been quite popular since the release of Super Mario. But players now want new and more creative maps and more flexible game mechanics. The game makers who take these requests into account are with a unique platform and adventure game series Redball Forever, which is similar to the Super Mario game, but the story and character selection is quite unique. In this type of games, everyone wants to be part of a story because the game is more immersive and they acquire a goal. Redball Forever 2 opens the doors of a beautiful adventure with an exciting story to you. Our character is living a happy life in a red ball and ball kingdom. But one day the monsters occupy this place and steal some keys with the kingdom's power stars.

Our hero needs to overcome obstacles and destroy monsters and get lost stars and keys without getting caught in traps. You are asked to choose a level as a starting point. If you have played before, you can continue by selecting the section you stayed in from this screen. If you are going to play for the first time, you start from level one. One of the obstacles that you will encounter in the great kingdom may be high hills, for this you need to reach the high places by pushing the boxes or round stones around. I recommend not to miss the stars. Because as you collect stars, you not only help the kingdom but also collect points. Another of the problems that our hero, who is rolling on in dangerous ways, will face is monsters. To defeat monsters, you have to jump over their weak points, that is, over their heads. If you touch it before you do this, you lose one life and if you think you have 3 lives in total, it would be good if you kill them before the monsters touch you. When your precious lives are over, you start the episode again and you lose the stars you have earned in that episode and you have to collect all of them again.

Another trap you will encounter is thorns. If you touch the thorns, you get hurt, so your red ball bursts. If you encounter a moving bridge, I suggest you to stop and ride it because you lose a life if you fall down. The keys stolen by monsters are scattered on the map like stars. The only way to open closed doors is to have keys. And you are asked to kill the guardian monster in front of the door. When you receive the key, the door will open automatically. To pass the level, you have to reach the finish line before your lives run out. You may have wondered how I would know it was the finish line. The red flag placed at the end of the level is the point you want to reach. No matter how many lives you get here, your lives will be full on the next level, which is good news. You are given a choice of characters on adventure roads. There are 5 warrior balls that want to protect the kingdom and you can unlock these new characters with the points you get from the stars you collect and continue the game with them. Colorful characters, each with different colors and different facial expressions, will help you. I will give you a hint.

Our characters can hang on the corners of the platform. If you are about to fall, you can get rid of this feature and continue the excitement from where you left off. In Redball Forever 2, there are no violent elements and players of all ages can play. You can play at home with the help of your parents. In schools, you can play with the help of your teachers. If you want to play this colorful and creative platform game and save the ball kingdom, go on adventure because Redball Forever 2 will be addictive and you will want to play constantly.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

Is Redball Forever 2 multiplayer playable?
Unfortunately, Redball Forever 2 is a one-man platform adventure game, and there is no multiplayer option.

How to play?

  1. Enter the game

  2. Choose the part you are staying in or start over.

  3. Collect the stars and keys on the map using the arrow keys.

  4. Kill the monsters that come before you.

  5. Reach the finish line without dying.

Is there only a red ball character in Redball Forever 2?
There are characters in 5 different colors and smiley expression that you can open and change whenever you want with the points you get as a result of the stars you collect in Redball Forever 2 game.

Is there violence in Redball Forever 2?
Violence is not included in the game and players of all ages can play. You can play at your home or school.

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