Puppy Blast

Puppy Blast is a fun kids game. When you open the game you will see that you are given information to guide you. In this way, the game will be very easy to learn. When you start the game they will give you a goal. The objectives are very easy at first. but I don't think it will always be easy, they get harder and harder. You can blast the boxes as many as the moves given. If you don't blast enough boxes with this right, you lose the game. If you explode many boxes at the same time, you can make items such as bombs, rockets. Would you like to combine these elements and break the explosion record? you can see the remaining moves in the top right box and the target you need to reach in the top left box. Don't forget to look around often. I was a bit careless in the last game and I lost the game early. If you believe you're better than me, you should be more careful. Good luck!